Royal Society Exhibition

I led the team from the University of Bristol for the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in July 2011.
Our exhibit was called ‘Can you hear the shape of a graph?’. It demonstrated some of the key features of quantum graphs and inverse problems for the general audience.


Our dear team members from right to left: Nick SimmJasmin MeineckeRam Band, Ben Leadbetter, Peter ShadboltAndrew Poulton, George Adje, Oliver SargentOrestis GeorgiouAdam Sawicki, Yating Deng, Joanna Hutchinson and Lionel Kameni (standing behind). The members who do not appear here are Dane ComerfordChris Joyner and Maxim Kirsebom.

Read more about the exhibit in the Royal Society Exhibition website, or have a look on our leaflets below:

quantum graphs figures

The quantum graphs figures in this webpage are courtesy of Peter Shadbolt, physics departmant, the University of Bristol.